With over 40 years of experience, CDDI has built a reputation of professionalism and dedicated service in the utilities community and HDD industry. From telecommunication conduit work to major gas and oil pipeline projects of up to 42" diameter pipe, CDDI lives by the moto, "No job too big, no job too small!" 

HORIZONTAL Directional Drilling




From small diameter PVC and up to 24" HDPE utility lines, our employees are trained to fuse, test, and install the product upon request. 



HDD is a science and the ground can be unpredictable. Thankfully, CDDI has the equipement and experience to assist in pipe recovery operations. With a 300,000 lbs Pnuematic hammer, snatch blocks, and unconventional methods and ideas, CDDI has expeditiously mobilized and assisted pipeline and other HDD companies when called upon. 



Directional Drilling

Road Bore- Wet/Dry

Installation of Gas, Oil, Water,
and Sewer Pipeline

Concrete Work

Dirt Work

Pipeline Laying

Oilfield Work

Backhoe/Trackhoe Work

Fiber Splicing

OSP Inspections
OSP Engineering

Installation of Fiber Optics

Aerial Line Work


Cherokee Directional Drilling, Inc. has a variety of EQUIPMENT for Specialty Services and General Contracting

  • Backhoes

  • Trackhoes

  • Mini Excavators

  • Trenchers

  • Dozers

  • Mixing Systems

  • Haul Trucks

  • Hydraulic Low Boys

  • Recyclers

  • Small & Large Transfer Pumps

  • Bucket Trucks

  • Pole Trucks

  • Pneumatic hammer 

  • 300,000 lbs.(Rental service available)